Leverage.com is your premier source for commercial real estate investing news and education. Launched in April 2021, we comprise a team of commercial real estate financing experts, seasoned journalists, and community builders who want to help your portfolio reach greater heights.

Knowledge Is Leverage

At Leverage.com, we believe in free access to information that stimulates the industry. We saw the unpredictability of the events of 2020 and their on-going impact on the real estate market as an opportunity to open the world of commercial real estate to an increasingly interested public.

Recovering from the pandemic is no small task. As the outside world appears to return to normal, the world of commercial real estate financing remains turbulent. The pandemic affected the supply chain in a way the world has not seen before. Many offices have permanently closed. Shopping malls, on the decline for years, are rapidly being closed or converted.

Join us as we explore the best CRE financing opportunities, shine a light on investors with high creative yield, and learn how to gain leverage in the new normal.

Who Needs Leverage?

Everyone. Commercial real estate investing is a team effort, and everyone starts somewhere. We seek to educate aspiring commercial property investors, guiding them through their first steps in acquiring financing to helping them maintain and refinance their assets.

We also partner with commercial real estate financing experts to ensure we deliver insights that even veteran private equity stars will find useful.

Our intention is to further facilitate partnerships among this community so we can grow together.

What’s Next for Leverage.com?

Stay tuned as our story continues to unfold. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come:

  • Additional calculators that make crunching numbers a cinch
  • Lender profiles that help you get the best financing for your project
  • Data reports that are hot off the presses so you can time the market

And so much more.

What Would You Like to See on Leverage.com?

Because we value our network so deeply, we’d love to hear your feedback. Contact us to let us know where you are on your commercial real estate investing journey and what would be helpful to hear from our experts.