Multifamily Properties With Coworking Spaces Continue to Rise

By Published On: April 28, 20224.1 min read

For residents who are lucky enough to call One South First home, the most luxurious building in Williamsburg, there’s a dedicated coworking space in the building’s mid-level.

On a recent afternoon, the sun-drenched floor was buzzing with residents hunched over on their laptops, reading or catching up on calls. Nearby, the communal office space overlooks a stunning view of the Williamsburg Bridge, and there’s a coffee machine to keep workers awake.

A leather couch sits in the center of a workspace.

Image provided by Barnfox

This is only one example of how condos have created dedicated working spaces in their buildings. With the hybrid work model and the surge of working from home, condo common areas are becoming the hottest coworking spaces. Work-live spaces are gaining traction in multifamily projects, and it’s been a growing trend since the pandemic hit in March of 2020.

One example is the Austin Nichols House at 184 Kent Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where the developer, LIVWRK Real Estate, turned a warehouse into a waterfront condo building. Their CEO, Asher Abehsera, said at the time that he wanted to “create spaces around how people work.”

A shared work room is seen from above.

Image provided by Barnfox

Christian Haag, who has been on the sales team of the Austin Nichols House for three years, just sold the last unit in the building.

“Especially during the pandemic, the greatest asset this building has compared to others is the work from home space,” Haag told “It’s a whole separate amenity space. There’s Wi-Fi, an enormous boardroom, a coffee place, a mini café, you can work and have meetings, you don’t have to go to the office. It fits 50 people, and there’s a steady crowd in there using it almost every day.”

According to Haag, the firm is now working to design more work-from-home spaces in condo common spaces for their other buildings. “They are integral to people’s lives over a gym or kids playroom, I like to call it ‘your own private WeWork’ for the building,” he said.

Haag is also working on another luxury Williamsburg condo building located at 510 Driggs Avenue. “It’s another building where we designed a work-from-home space there solely because of the success of this one building first,” he said.

Two men sit at a long table.

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The key element to an office space inside a luxury tower is stylish design. “Our buildings throughout have a really elevated aesthetic,” Haag noted.

You can’t underestimate good design and its impact on its residents and guests.

“Sometimes you go into these dank, basement workspaces in rental buildings,” Haag said. “Here, it’s really an experience full of views, airy spaces to work, beautiful furniture and high design. It’s truly beautiful.”

These office spaces have kitchens that are outfitted with beautiful countertops and a wine fridge, coffee maker, and private desks, tables and even private rooms for some of them.

“I’ve had meetings there or an interview, you’re impressing clients with the space,” Haag said.

Nearby in Brooklyn at 33 Bond Street, this condo also has 1,500 square feet of coworking space called HomeWork. The developer, TF Cornerstone, wanted to offer a competitive office space compared to others.

Two men sit in chairs.

Image provided by Barnfox

Ascension on the Bayou, a condo in Houston, offers a coworking space and library they call the Business Balcony, a retreat for the work-from-home professional. With desks, ergonomic Herman Miller chairs and a conference room for residents, it’s an ideal way to live and work from home without ever leaving the building.

Most recently, Barnfox, a coworking and “retreat club,” recently opened its latest New York City venue, which boasts away from home residences, too. They’ve hired former WeWork executive Kiel Lawrence to help the brand expand throughout the year. Their private concierge service offers next-level coworking — and sometimes longer-term living quarters — to a group of over 300 members.

“Barnfox was born out of a passion to create community-driven, beautifully designed spaces that empower the remote workforce to get away, live, work, and play from anywhere in the world,” said Barnfox’s CEO and Co-Founder Frederick Pikovsky, in a statement.

He explained: “Remote work has necessitated spaces like Barnfox to exist around the country and to meet that need we have moved quickly to introduce solutions for individuals and companies.”

While Barnfox taps into the longer-stay traveler, high-end condos in Brooklyn especially are seeing a rise in popularity for nomadic workers.

“It’s a huge asset to have this work from home space in buildings,” Haag said. “People, if they have the option to go down a few flights of stairs to work from home, not just their condo or apartment, it’s a huge selling point.”

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