Related Group’s Nick Perez on the Future of Luxury Condo Amenities

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Let’s face it: When it comes to luxury condo amenities, a basement office space and tiny gym no longer cuts it. Developers know they must go above and beyond to get buyers to sign the dotted line.

Luxury amenities like juice bars, saunas and rock climbing are becoming more popular, specifically in the area that focuses on fitness.

Nick Perez

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One expert working in the area is Nick Perez, the Senior Vice President for Related Group, a luxury developer based in Miami, with offices in Las Vegas, Mexico, Brazil, and beyond.

In Miami’s latest crop of luxury condos, Perez is seeing a new boom in the design of fitness amenities, catering to the health and wellness-savvy residents who are moving to Miami each month. Developers are following suit, upping their fitness game, and giving buyers a fresh opportunity to restructure the way they live and work out from home. Some of the over-the-top offerings include three-story-tall climbing walls and pickleball courts inside towers that overlook Florida’s dreamy coast.

There are several luxury developments in South Florida that serve as prime examples offering standout fitness amenities, including the St. Regis Residences, the latest skyscraper in Brickell, featuring an open-air exercise deck, and District 225 Residences Miami, in downtown Miami, which will be home to a 28-foot-high rock-climbing wall, an indoor basketball court and a racquetball court.

Meanwhile, Related Group’s newest property, The Casamar in Pompano Beach, has its very own pickleball courts. And the Brickell-based Miami condo tower LOFTY offers a 3,000 square foot luxury fitness center with treatment rooms, a sauna, a cold plunge pool, steam rooms and a juice bar.

Perez spoke to about demystifying the luxury amenities of the future, and what he’s most excited about next. How important are wellness amenities in luxury condos today?

Nick Perez: This trend has been front and center in our latest generation of condominiums. Over the last couple of years, people have been prioritizing their health and wellness even more, and they are continuing to spend more time at home working, entertaining, and relaxing. That’s made incorporating health and fitness amenities into our projects even more important. We continue to have our tried-and-true features such as gyms, pools and spas, but we’re also trying to push boundaries and explore more options like pickleball, rock climbing and virtual reality golf. One thing’s for sure, homebuyers have made it clear that wellness activities and programs are here to stay.

What makes Miami’s condo landscape so different and spectacular?

My father founded Related Group in 1979 with the goal of helping Miami grow into a world-class city by improving and creating neighborhoods. Four decades later, we’re well on our way to becoming one of the world’s greatest cities. Everyone wants to live in Miami, and its business-friendly climate and year-round sunshine has drawn in top brands, designers, and architects. For example, developing The St. Regis Residences, Miami allowed us to partner with not only the renowned St. Regis brand, but we were also able to work with Robert A.M. Stern Architects on their first tower in Florida.

A pickleball court is filled with sunlight.

Image provided by Casamar

Why is there so much hype around pickleball?

This one surprised us, as well. In fact, it was our sales director at Casamar in Pompano Beach who brought up pickleball internally, which clued us into this sport that has taken the world by storm. We did our research and found that it has a passionate fan base, because it’s accessible to everybody and easy to learn. Not to mention, it’s popular with celebrities, elevating its appeal even more. Overall, we pride ourselves on having a pulse on what buyers seek in luxury living, so we incorporated pickleball into our projects, and it’s been a huge hit.

A line of treadmills fill a gym.

Image provided by The Ritz Carlton Tampa

Are specifically curated and tailored amenities the future of luxury living? What does the future of fitness look like in a luxury condo?

There is a rise in wellness amenities, so people know it’s important to improve their health, and that looks different for everyone. For some, its nutrition, for others it’s physical activity. Having the freedom and flexibility to improve your lifestyle holistically through various avenues all from the comfort of home is the future of luxury living.’

A pool table sits in a hotel room.

Image provided by Casamar

What are some of your upcoming developments?

Some of Related’s most recently announced projects include The St. Regis Residences, Miami, which will feature an open-air exercise deck and golf VR room. District 225 Residences in Downtown Miami will feature a rock-climbing wall and racquetball courts. Also, Casamar, our newest on-the-sand condo in Pompano Beach, will include ocean-side pickleball courts for residents. We also recently launched sales on the second phase of The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Tampa, which has incorporated wellness amenities such as yoga classes, tennis courts and a fitness center.

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