Axonic Capital
Axonic Capital

Axonic Capital is an investment manager that invests in a variety of instruments and financial vehicles. The firm engages in structured credit, commercial lending, commercial real estate and systematic fixed income strategies. Axonic’s main focus is primarily on commercial real estate mezzanine loans, but they also consider whole mortgage loans, B-Notes and preferred equity, as well as tranches of commercial mortgage-backed securities.

Based in New York, Axonic Capital was founded in 2011.

High-Level Lending Parameters

Loan Amounts: $15-100 million
Loan-to-Value: 65% to 85%
Lending Terms: 1 to 10 years
Interest Rate: 4% to 10%
Markets: All markets across the U.S.
Asset Classes: All property types

Recently-Closed Deals

  • Office and Industrial: A $438 million loan for the recapitalization of an office and industrial property in Queens, New York.
  • Multifamily: A $35 million loan for the acquisition of a luxury high-rise in Austin, Texas
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