Firm Overview:

Castellan Capital is a private bridge lender that provides funds for the acquisition and refinance of real estate properties across the U.S. As a direct portfolio lender with no outside investment committee, Castellan specializes in time-sensitive flexible financing for instances where conventional real estate lending is not available. All credit decisions are made internally and with discretion by Castellan Capital’s team of experienced professionals based on the borrower’s unique circumstances.

High Level Lending Parameters:

Loan Amounts: $1-40 million+
Loan-to-Value: Up to 75% Loan-to-Value, 65% Loan-to-Cost
Lending Terms: Up to 36 months
Interest Rate: Negotiable, typically 7 to 8.5%
Lending Focus: U.S.
Asset Class: Multifamily, Single-Family, Mixed-use, Office, Retail and Industrial

Recently Closed Deals

  • Acquisition: Castellan Capital provided a $33.9 million acquisition loan for a property in Fairfax, VA in 2021. The deal closed within 10 days to accommodate the borrower’s timeline.
  • Multifamily: In December 2020, Castellan Capital provided a $16 million loan for a multifamily housing property in Jacksonville, FL. The loan closed within 2 weeks with a 12-month term at no minimum interest.
  • Refinance: Castellan Capital lent a $1.2 million cash out refinance loan for a four-unit condo project in Brooklyn, NY. Proceeds allowed the sponsor to renovate and recapture equity on the acquisition.


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