hickory lending

Hickory CRE Lending provides commercial real estate, mezzanine and stretch senior financing as a solution-driven capital lender for mid-market borrowers. Established in 2018, Hickory began with a seed capital investment and has grown into a relationship-focused lending platform for efficient and enhanced returns. Hickory utilizes its professional experience in financial modeling and risk management to offer acquisition, renovation, construction and development financing for all property asset types.

High-Level Lending Parameters

Loan Amounts: $5–50 million
Loan-to-Value: 70% to 80% loan-to-cost, 70% to 75% loan-to-value; flexibility with credit support
Lending Terms: 1 to 3 years with extension options
Interest Rate: 6% to 12%
Markets: U.S. with secondary locations depending on collateral
Asset Classes: Multifamily, condo, office, hotel, industrial, retail and specialized

Recently-Closed Deals

  • Mezzanine Debt: Hickory CRE Lending financed a $6 million multifamily cash-out project in a Midwestern third-tier market. With a 24/12/12-month maturity, its loan-to-cost was set at 75%.
  • Preferred Equity: Land/mixed use bridge project was financed by Hickory CRE in a second-tier urban market in the mid-Atlantic for $5 million at 24/6/6-month maturity and 75% loan to cost.
  • Mezzanine Debt: Hickory CRE Lending financed a multifamily suburban construction project in a West Coast second-tier market for $6.3 million. With a 18/6/6-month maturity, its loan-to-cost was 83%.
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